Wessex Eb Helicon – HE29

Du kan likevel bestille varen i nettbutikken, så vil vi gi deg tilbakemelding angående levering.

The helicon is the predecessor of the sousaphone and on playing this helicon you wonder why they were ever replaced. The helicon plays a lot better. It plays like a regular tuba, but just in circular format. Also the balance is much better than any sousaphone with a lower center of gravity. The helicon is the ideal tuba for playing standing, moving in jazz situations, or on the march. It’s sound is clear and it actually projects better than a sousaphone.

Wessex has taken the best features of the modern sousaphone and incorporated in a completely new design of helicon which is comfortable to carry and a pleasure to play. The valves are in a much more comfortable position to operate than on rotary valve helicons. Fitted with 4-valves to cover the whole range of music, the Wessex Eb Helicon is also fitted with pullable slides for tuning adjustment. The bell is removable to make easy to transport and it fits neatly in the moulded ABS shell wheeled case in which it is supplied. The Eb helicon is large bore to provide broad tone, while the 4th valve is positioned so it can be operated by either right hand little finger, or left hand as desired.

Once you have played the Wessex helicon, you will never want to use a tuba or sousaphone for standing gigs again!


  • Key: Eb
  • Bell: 19″ (480mm)
  • Bell ring (where removable bell connects to body) 6” (150mm)
  • Bore: 0.7″ (17.75mm)
  • Weight: 18lb (8kg)


  1. Removable bell
  2. Made from 0.03″ (0.8mm) brass (68% copper) for durable use
  3. Stainless steel valves with nylon valve guides
  4. Adjustable 1st valve slide (for tuning while playing)
  5. Nickel silver slides
  6. Vented Valves
  7. Moulded ABS shell case with wheels – Gig bag available as additional purchase.
  8. Wessex MOUNT VERNON 24AW mouthpiece
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