Wessex Eb Compensated Bass Tuba ‘Champion’ – TE560P

Wessex Tubas’ Eb Compensated Bass Tuba ‘Champion’ is a classic British style 4-valve compensated Tuba Eb bass ideal for use in brass band, wind band, military band or orchestra – it is one of the most versatile Tubas available.

Used by professionals, and in championship brass bands, it has near-perfect intonation, beautiful tone and great projection – and is quite the equal of others at triple the price.


  • Bell: 19″ (480mm)
  • Bore: valves 1 to 3  0.69″ (17.5mm), 4th valve 0.73” (18.65mm)
  • Height: 34.6″ (880mm)
  • Weight: 17½ lb (8kg), In case 41.45 lbs (18.8kg)


  1. Fitted with marching hooks and lyre block
  2. Stainless steel valves with reinforced nylon guide pin for quiet, smooth and reliable action
  3. Wyvern engraved valve buttons
  4. Gold brass lead pipe and floating off bell for greater resonance
  5. Heavy bell for greater projection
  6. Nickel reinforcing plates and ribbing all around outer bows for strength
  7. Nickel silver inner and outer slides
  8. 5 water keys including 4th valve slide
  9. Hard latched case with wheels
  10. MOUNT VERNON Mouthpiece
  11. Marching strap

The Gig bag for this tuba is B700. Ordering an available gig bag together with your instrument will save you shipping costs!

Note : The mouthpiece supplied with this instrument is silver and not gold as pictured.

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