• Key: Bb
  • Bell: 12″ (300mm)
  • Bore: valves 1-3 – 0.59″ (15mm), 4th valve – 16.8mm (0.66″)
  • Weight: 9.25 lb (4.2kg)


  1. Floating off-the-bell lead pipe of gold brass
  2. Stainless steel valves with nylon valve guides
  3. Soft action, quiet valve
  4. All nickel slides
  5. Ornate heavy ferrels for good transference of tone
  6. Nickel strengthening plates
  7. 2nd valve button water key
  8. Hardened bell
  9. Lightweight hard latched ABS case
  10. Large (bass trombone) size mouthpiece receiver
  11. Wessex 4Y euphonium mouthpiece silver-plated

Gig bag B1150 available to fit.

Ordering an available gig bag, together with your instrument, will save you shipping costs!