Wessex CC 6/4 Front-Piston Tuba «Chicago-Presence» – TC694 HP

Du kan likevel bestille varen i nettbutikken, så vil vi gi deg tilbakemelding angående levering.

Based on the Classic American 6/4 CC Tuba as used in the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, the TC694 CC 6/4 Front-Piston Tuba ‘Chicago-Presence’ is manufactured lightweight with new design leadpipe and 18” bell to provide more presence and improved intonation with the ease of response of a 5/4 tuba.

This beautiful CC 6/4 Front-Piston Tuba has been enhanced by Wessex Tubas’ Chief Design Consultant and ex-US Army Band Tubaist Chuck Nickles; featuring Wyvern engraved valve buttons and stainless steel valves which are vented for smooth legato playing.

Available in a range of finishes including brushed silver and unlacquered raw brass, this impressive tuba has been sensitively hand-made by skilled craftsmen; a brass instrument of beauty and elegance.

An orchestral Tuba for sale made for the 21st Century!



  • Bore, valves 1-3: 0.75” (19mm)
  • Bore 4th valve: 0.79” (20mm)
  • Bore 5th valve: 0.87” (22mm)
  • Bell: 18” (450mm)
  • Height: 36.5” (93cm)
  • Weight: 22lb (10kg)



  1. Based on design of original York CC as played in Chicago Symphony Orchestra with enhancements by Chuck Nickles, ex-US Army Band Europe
  2. Entirely handmade with hand hammered bell and larger bows
  3. New designed leadpipe to improve response
  4. Exceedingly lightweight due to the hand-made manufacturing
  5. All nickel slides
  6. Stainless Steel valves which are vented for smooth legato playing
  7. Wyvern Engraved valve buttons
  8. Supplied in latched hard case
  9. Supplied with Wessex CHUCK custom mouthpiece

NOTE: The correct gig bag for this tuba is the B800

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